Finding a way to talk to those who AREN’T, from a perspective of when I WASN’T, because I can relate to those who ARE NOT, from the period of my life before I WAS.

Don’t you get tired of the devil blocking your way in life and continually causing all kinds of disturbances and commotion, not to mention serious problems in your life? If your life is anything like mine, you’ve had problems in your relationships with people; you’ve had all manner of financial woes; you’ve had a variety of health problems – you’ve even had a few car accidents!

And all you want to do is be a good Christian!

I think the biggest mistake we can make is to hope for all the things that went wrong last year to suddenly start going right this year, UNLESS we are prepared to do things that we’ve not done before…

How would you like to slam your booted foot down as hard as you can onto the devil’s head – so to speak — rendering him ineffective against you?

Paul, under direct inspiration of Holy Spirit, wrote that nothing has tempted us that hadn’t tempted all of mankind, and that when we were tempted, God would provide a way out for us (1 Corinthians 10:13).

He also wrote that we ought to “suit up” and be prepared for battle, being careful to wear our armour properly (Ephesians 6:10-18).

In other words we are to make sure of our salvation by working it out with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12). He said not only were we to carry our shields of faith (Matthew 17:20), but we were also ALWAYS but ALWAYS to do everything we do, and say everything we say is ABSOLUTE TRUTH (John 8:45; 16:7), be prepared to share the gospel (in peace)

with whoever needs to hear it (James 1:22-25), and have the Word of God readily accessible for whenever needed (Deuteronomy 6:9 & 11.20). This will all result in us wearing breastplates of righteousness (1 John 3:21) and being properly armed against the evil one and his cohorts, who always try to get to us in ways we wouldn’t even think of.

In Psalm 34:4-10 God promised He would meet us half way (in truth He goes an awful lot further than half way – more like one tenth us and nine tenths Him). So if we are kitted up and ready for battle, Paul wrote in Romans 16:20 that God would soon crush Satan under OUR feet… (You better be wearing shoes if you’re gonna stand on a snake…)

This strategy may not bring us immediate gold and riches – unless you believe in the Prosperity Gospel (and even then it’s unlikely because the prosperity gospel – as in the “Name It and Claim It gospel” is nowhere to be found in the Bible) and it may not do too much for our vertical axis in life (the ups and the downs), but what about our horizontal axis? The more we relate to people on the Christ level (study the Sermon on the Mount), the more influence we will have, and it’s in that influence that LORD Jesus will meet our vertical needs…

It’s a sad fact that very few people are really interested in learning about God as much as they are in seeing how the scriptures can help them be better people within themselves.

This brand new devotional  (for want of a better word), which is being written fresh every day of 2020 right here in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, (and so may well refer to current topical events from time to time), is hard hitting and punchy. That is because this is what so many who take the LORD’s Name in vain by calling themselves Christians, need – and the churches do not provide!

If that’s YOU – and you KNOW it’s YOU – then I’m afraid some of these may actually hurt you, but you KNOW they’re what you need.

Basically what I am saying is that this devotional is designed to help you to see what you never saw before, and to help you feel what you may never have felt before.

You can rest assured that it is far better for you to be challenged you whilst you are still here on earth and therefore have every possible opportunity to change your ways, than it will be for you if it is Jesus asking you the same questions when it is far too late for you to change your ways, because you will have left your body here but gone on ahead yourself to be in (hopefully) His Presence for all eternity.

The Thought Provoker can come to you either by mail or by WhatsApp – and if by WhatsApp it can come either on a normal group where people comment like any other group, or it can come to you on a group that doesn’t allow other people to comment and thus annoy you all day long.

The choice is yours.

Here’s your opportunity to be a missionary for a few minutes and pass the Thought Provoker along to work colleagues, friends and family…

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02nd January002Abraham’s Sacrifice – Do YOU Come ANYWHERE Near This?download
03rd January003Abuse (Different Forms Of It)download
04th January004Addictions (All Forms Of Them)download
05th January005Adult Movies/Videos/Video Gamesdownload
06th January006Affection Deficitdownload
07th January007Airwaves – Radio And Television – The Evil One’s Greatest Playgrounddownload
08th January008Alcohol – The Evil Ones Greatest Joydownload
09th January009Aliens Beings And UFO’s - The Evil One Laughs At Our Ridiculous Anticsdownload
10th January010An Alternate Life – (Your Alter Ego) - A Life Far Different From The Life You Live Nowdownload
11th January011Ancient Biblical Languages (Aramaic, Hebrew And Greek)download
12th January012Angels (And How They Protect You!)download
13th January013Anger (Is Like Murder To The Lord)download
14th January014Are You A Hypocrite To Yourself?download
15th January015Armour of Goddownload
16th January016Arrogance (Our)download
17th January017Assignment On Earth (Your)download
18th January018Atheistsdownload
19th January019Attitudes (Our) towards othersdownload
20th January020Authority (Our) On This Planet download
21st January021Aliyahdownload
22nd January022Be Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only… download
23rd January023Be Yourself – Be Original – Quit Trying To Be Like Someone Elsedownload
24th January024Beggars in the street
25th January025Being Born Again
26th January026Being Different (Is What It’s All About)
27th January027Being Intentional In Your Relationship With Jesus
28th January028Being Prepared To Die For Jesus?
29th January029Berean Approach (The)
30th January030Bible (The)
31st January031Bible Translations
01st February032Big “5” (The) Areas Of Importance When You Believe In Jesus
02nd February033Binding Satan
03rd February034Birth Control
04th February035Blame
05th February036Blessings (Your)
06th February037Book (The Lamb’s) Of Life
07th February038Book Of Remembrance (The)
08th February039Books (The Books That We Read)
09th February040Business
10th February041Busyness
11th February042Can Life Really Be A Biblical Fairy-Tale? Can We All Live Happily Ever After?
12th February043Can We Do Greater Things Than Jesus, As He Said We Would, If We Use Technology?
13th February044Cell Phones
14th February045Children
15th February046Christ in You (Who Are You in Christ?)
16th February047Christ’s Borrowed Tomb
17th February048Christian Education
18th February049Christian Ministry
19th February050Christian, Believer or Christ-Follower? Which?
20th February051Christians in Road Traffic – A Good Lesson for Every Driver…
21st February052Christmas or Happy Holidays?
22nd February053Church (The)
23rd February054Church Splits
24th February055Commandments (The)
25th February056Communion
26th February057Compromise
27th February058Condemnation (Is There Any for A Believing Christ Follower?)
28th February059Confusion (Inclusive Of The Trinity)
29th February060Congregational Division
01st March 061Corruption
02nd March 062Counterfeit Christians
03rd March 063Courts Of Heaven (The)
04th March 064Creationism
05th March 065Creator of the Universe – And YOU!
06th March 066Crucifixion (The)
07th March 067Crude Language
08th March 068Culinary Arts
09th March 069Cults
10th March 070Culture (Our)
11th March 071Curses (African And Other)
12th March 072Curveballs On The Chessboard Of Life (The Unexpected ‘Wide Shots’ That Satan Takes)
13th March 073Dancing – Is It Really Evil?
14th March 074Danger Of Dreams (The)
15th March 075Danger Of Mid-Life Crises For Both Men And Women (The)
16th March 076Deception
17th March 077Deliverance
18th March 078Demons (And How They Affect You!)
19th March 079Depression
20th March 080Destructive Habits
21st March 081Discipline
22nd March 082Discipline Of Pain (The)
23rd March 083Discipling (The D of Believers)
24th March 084Divorce
25th March 085Do Not Rely On Other People (Men Or Women) For Your Prosperity
26th March 086Doctrine
27th March 087Doubt And Unbelief (Your)
28th March 088Dreams
29th March 089Drugs (Another Of The Evil One’s Greatest Joys)
30th March 090Dying To Yourself
31st March 091Eastern Faiths
01st April092Eastern Mysticism (Dangers of Yoga, Transcendental Meditation Etc.)
02nd April093Eating Disorders
03rd April094Education
04th April095Emotions
05th April096Encounters With Jesus Christ
06th April097Entertaining
07th April098Evangelism
08th April099Everyday Life – Sex, Drugs And Rock ’N Roll
09th April100Evil (The) Of Satan – Evil Beyond Anything That Hollywood Can Create
10th April101Evil Spirits In Your Life
11th April102Faith
12th April103Fall of Mankind (The)
13th April104False gods
14th April105False Teachers
15th April106Family (Division Of)
16th April107Fatigue (Chronic)
17th April108Fear (And How Often We Are Told Not To…)
18th April109Finances (Your)
19th April110Food (Halaal) The Evil One’s Biggest Laugh. Christians Support him Every Time They Shop
20th April111Food and Weight Gain
21st April112Forgiveness (Importance Of)
22nd April113Freedom (Your)
23rd April114Friendship - Iron Sharpening Iron
24th April115Fruit of the Spirit – Are You Bearing Any?
25th April116Gambling – Why Believers Don’t…
26th April117Generational Curses (Your)
27th April118Generous Women
28th April119Getting Personal With Jesus
29th April120Gifts of the Spirit
30th April121Giving (With A Generous Heart, Sacrificially)
01st May122Giving Up (Your Feeling Of Wanting To…)
02nd May123Gluttony (In Various Forms, And Of Different Things)
03rd May124God - On His Terms
04th May125God - On Your Terms
05th May126God In A Box (Putting G In)
06th May127God? Who Or What Is God?
07th May128God’s Economy
08th May129God’s Grace (Over The Top To The Point Of Being Pointless)
09th May130God’s Love For You
10th May131God’s Personality
11th May132God’s Playfulness And His Awesome Sense Of Humour
12th May133God’s Relentless Love
13th May134God’s Unrelenting Kindness Towards Us
14th May135God’s Will For You
15th May136God’s Word (Jesus)
16th May137God’s Words (In Other Words - The Bible)
17th May138Going The Extra Mile
18th May139Good Vs Evil – It Is So Plain To See If You Will But Look Around You.
19th May140Gratitude
20th May141Gravity Principle (The)
21st May142Growing Up
22nd May143Have Thoughts Of Suicide Entered Your Mind?
23rd May144Healing ‘Anointing’
24th May145Health (Your)
25th May146Hearing God Talk To You
26th May147Heart (Your)
27th May148Heaven, And Reports Of It
28th May149Hebrew Language and Culture (The)
29th May150Helping Others
30th May151Hidden Sin
31st May152Hollywood
01st June153Holy Spirit Baptism
02nd June154Holy Spirit Vs Yourself
03rd June155Homeless People
04th June156Homosexuality As God Sees It
05th June157Honesty (In Particular, Yours!)
06th June158Hope
07th June159Hopelessness
08th June160Horoscopes And Other Occultist Practices
09th June161Horror Movies
10th June162How The Established Church Screws Things Up Completely
11th June163How We Screw Things Up For Ourselves – And Boy Do We Screw Them Up Badly!
12th June164Human Rights (The Most Basic Is The Right To Get To Know Jesus)
13th June165Humility (Your)
14th June166Husbands – Love Your Wives
15th June167Hypocrisy (Your)
16th June168Ignorance (Your)
17th June169Illness And Disease
18th June170Increasing Knowledge – Which To Choose And Which To Lose
19th June171Incredible (The) Importance Of A Driving License
20th June172Individuality
21st June173Incest – Does It Really Exist In The Family?
22nd June174Infatuation
23rd June175Integrity
24th June176Intelligent Design
25th June177Internet (The)
26th June178Internet Theology
27th June179Irritability
28th June180Is Allah God?
29th June181Is Artificial Intelligence Intelligent At All? Or Just Programmed?
30th June182Is Every Child Really A Blessing From God?
01st July183Is God Greater Than You?
02nd July184Is God Political?
03rd July185Is God Racial?
04th July186Is God Really Deaf???
05th July187Is Heaven For Real?
06th July188Is Meditation Evil?
07th July189Is The One And Only God Concerned With Other “Gods”?
08th July190Islam
09th July191Israel – Fulfilling Genesis 12:3
10th July192Israel – The Fifth Gospel
11th July193Jehovah’s Witnesses
12th July194Jerusalem
13th July195Jesus
14th July196Jewish People
15th July197Kingdom Versus The Established Church
16th July198Lack
17th July199Law (The) (Of Moses)
18th July200Leadership
19th July201Leaving Your First Love
20th July202Legalism
21st July203Let Your Yes Be Yes And Your No Be No
22nd July204Lies (Yours)
23rd July205Lies of the evil one
24th July206Life After Death
25th July207Life On Your Knees – (A Life Of Humility And Prayer)
26th July208Logical Progression
27th July209Loneliness
28th July210LORD’s (The) Plans For You (Looking At Much More Than Just Jeremiah 29:11)
29th July211Love – The Many Different Kinds As Described in Ancient Greek
30th July212Love – What Is It?
31st July213Love And Romance – And The Fools We Make Of Ourselves Over Each Other
01st August214Love At First Sight – Does Such A Thing Exist?
02nd August215Manipulation
03rd August216Marriage
04th August217Masks (The) That ‘Christians’ Wear…
05th August218Masturbation
06th August219Materialism
07th August220Memories – Good Ones And Bad Ones
08th August221Middle Eastern Culture (Importance Of Studying Hebrew Culture)
09th August222Military Service
10th August223Mind Of Christ (The)
11th August224Miracles
12th August225Money And Your Life (a.k.a Mammon)
13th August226Morals - Where Do We Get Them From?
14th August227Mormonism
15th August228Movies (The M That We Watch…)
16th August229Music (The M That We Listen To…)
17th August230Negative Thinking
18th August231Never Discuss Religion Or Politics – These Are Private Things…
19th August232New Age Religions
20th August233No Other Gods
21st August234Noise Vs Worship
22nd August235Obedience (Your)
23rd August236Occult (The)
24th August237Offence (Taking Offence At God’s Words)
25th August238Oh But I’m Not Any Good at Any of That Stuff…
26th August239Our Final Accounting
27th August240Our Natural Sense Of Right And Wrong
28th August241Overcoming Everything The World (Satan) Throws At You
29th August242Pain and Agony
30th August243Palestine
31st August244Paranoia
01st September245Parenting
02nd September246Parents (Our Views Of Our)
03rd September247Passion Of The Christ
04th September248Past (The)
05th September249People Who Have Lost The Entire Concept Of God
06th September250Persecution
07th September251Plain Stupidity
08th September252Playing A Game Called “Church”
09th September253Pornography (The Evil One’s Attempt To Confuse Us About Love)
10th September254Positive Approach to Life
11th September255Poverty – A Lie from Satan…
12th September256Power Of Your Tongue (The)
13th September257Prayer – Communicating With A Loving God
14th September258Prayer In Schools (The Absolute Stupidity Of Removing)
15th September259Pride – The Most Destructive Thing Ever
16th September260Prison Ministry
17th September261Procrastination – The Thief Of Time
18th September262Prophecy (Understanding True Prophecy And False Prophecy)
19th September263Prosperity – The Hardest Test Of All
20th September264Pseudo Religions
21st September265Putting God in a Box?
22nd September266Racial Tensions
23rd September267Radical Living
24th September268Reaching Your Neighbour Next Door
25th September269Reading Your Bible (The Importance Of)
26th September270Rejection – One of the Biggest Problems of Mankind!
27th September271Relationships (The Imperativeness Of)
28th September272Religion (The Poison Of)
29th September273Remarriage
30th September274Repentance (The Relief Of)
01st October275Resurrection (The)
02nd October276Revenge (The Pointlessness Of)
03rd October277Revival (Understanding Of)
04th October278Righteousness (The Humility Of)
05th October279Sabbath (The)
06th October280Salvation (Our)
07th October281Satan
08th October282Satanists
09th October283Scandal
10th October284Scientific Proof That God Do Not Exist
11th October285Scientific Proof That God Does Exist
12th October286Seasons Of Your Life
13th October287Secrets
14th October288Sex (The Beauty And Intimacy Of)
15th October289Sexual Immorality and Fantasy (The Evil Of)
16th October290Shadow Boxing?
17th October291Shame (Something Far Too Many Of Us Carry With Us All Our Lives)
18th October292Shopping – A Trap from the Evil One…
19th October293Sin
20th October294Social Media – Facebook, WhatsApp Etc.
21st October295Sovereignty Of God (The)
22nd October296Spanish Inheritances (And Other Countries)
23rd October297Spending Time With God (The Importance Of)
24th October298Spirit Guides
25th October299Spirit Of Poverty
26th October300Spirits (Test The S)
27th October301Spirituality
28th October302Split Personalities
29th October303Spontaneous Combustion
30th October304Spreading The Gospel At Work
31st October305Standing Up For God…But Not Now…Not Yet
01st November306Stealing Stuff (Off the Internet Incl.)
02nd November307Stem Cell Surgery
03rd November308Stewardship
04th November309Stockholm Syndrome
05th November310Street Is Your Pulpit (The)
06th November311Strongholds In Your Life
07th November312Studying (Importance Of) The Bible In Context
08th November313Stuff (The) That Gets In The Way Of Living Your Life
09th November314Stupid Government Decisions – Destruction Of Perfectly Good Food
10th November315Success (Your)
11th November316Supernatural Visitations Of God And Angels
12th November317Superstition
13th November318Supply & Provision
14th November319Swearing
15th November320Taking Baby Steps For Jesus
16th November321Taking Dominion over the Earth
17th November322Taking Scripture Out Of Context
18th November323Television
19th November324Temptation
20th November325Tests That Stand The ‘Test Of Time’…
21st November356The Beauty Of God’s World
22nd November327The Love Of God
23rd November328Theology
24th November329Theory Of Evolution (The)
25th November330Thoughts (Our)
26th November331Time (And How We Abuse It Like There Was No Tomorrow…)
27th November332Tithing (Your)
28th November333To Believe Or Not To Believe – Decide Whether To Take The Bible Seriously Or Not
29th November334Trinity (The)
30th November335Trusting God
01st December336Trusting People Is A Waste Of Time
02nd December337Truth (The). What Is It?
03rd December338Unbelief (Our)
04th December339Unity in the Church
05th December340Using the LORD’s Name in Vain
06th December341Vanity – Birthdays, Public Holidays, “Women’s Day”, “Human Rights Day” Etc.
07th December342Vulnerability
08th December343Walking In The Spirit
09th December344War
10th December345Way Women Dress (The)
11th December346Weariness And Fatigue
12th December347What Is Love?
13th December348Who Do You Think/Say God Is?
14th December349Widows and Orphans
15th December350Witchcraft And Witchdoctors
16th December351Wives – Love Your Husbands
17th December352Words (Our) Are Like Smoke
18th December353Words (The Poison Of The) That Come Out Of Your Mouth
19th December354Words Of Jesus – Sermon On The Mount
20th December355Work – Did Jesus Really Say That We Were Not To Work For Our Living?
21st December356Working With Other People
22nd December357World (The)
23rd December358Worry (Why…?)
24th December359Worship – What Is It Really and Why All the Fuss Over Different Styles of It?
25th December360Wrath Of God
26th December361Young Minds (Are Like Stem Cells)
27th December362Your Acting Skills? Dramatic Training? When Do You Face Your True Self?
28th December363Your Funeral
29th December364Your Genuine Inheritance
30th December365Your Life Is Your Testimony
31st December366Yourself


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