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After working in admin for various companies over a good number of years, I got tired of the red tape, lack of efficiency when working with financial portfolios of companies and individuals as well as the very low salary earned, I decided to resign from the corporate sector and start my own business.

The fact that I was retrenched 2 years in a row by the same company having been sold and then taking it back only to be sold for the 2nd time also played a major role in my decision. I was not prepared to go through that again. To be a pawn on someone else’s chessboard…


Being a born-again believer since 1988, I knew that God had a plan for me, and with bookkeeping and admin being my God-given strengths, I felt that I was equipped enough to do this…and so C Tarboton Bookkeeping Services was born on 1 March 2017.

At that time, I had only 2 private clients who were both very happy with the work I did for them. This gave me the confidence to take a Faith step and go it alone.

Well, it is truly awesome how the Lord worked in this life changing decision I made. Before resigning from the position in the firm I was in, I sought wise council (Proverbs 19:20-21) with members of my church, The Storehouse, Lorraine, Port Elizabeth, along with family members and close friends who all encouraged me to take the Step of Faith so boldly I did just that… and have never looked back.

My husband Colin, a gifted designer and woodworker, adapted a small section of our home which proved to be a small but user-friendly office for me to work from. I had most of the computer and office equipment needed for my kind of work which made it an easy transition.

Not to mention the savings on petrol, coupled with no longer sitting in morning and afternoon traffic are but two of the blessings! By word of mouth, within the first month, my business grew beyond expectation as new clients were added to my portfolio. I was delighted and by working even harder the business has steadily grown.

My husband supports me wholeheartedly and is very happy that I am at home full time. I can work flexitime when needed and don’t have to answer to anyone other than God (this makes me very happy!)…

Charity work is close to my heart and I have found that the position I am in has opened several doors of opportunity to get involved albeit behind the scenes, assisting individuals, companies, trusts, NPO’s and PBO’s with statutory compliance’s at very reasonable rates.

I love furthering God’s Kingdom and find it an honour to help those who seek to uplift and assist wherever there is a need.

If you'd like me to work on your accounts for you too...

please feel free to contact me via the details below...

Landline: 041-3607255

Cellphone: 073 688 2656

E-mail: charmainet@telkomsa.net

A word from The Paul Project

In the short time that we have known Charmaine, she has proven herself to be worth her weight in gold. The Paul Project had somewhat of a bumpy start with a number of things going undone and not being seen to for one reason or another, and when the time came that God brought the right people along to make His vision for The Paul Project a reality, He made sure He included Charmaine in with them. In her natural style of cool, collected efficiency she handled the mess we gave her with grace and a calmly professional attitude and gave us back a beautifully organised set of Audited Financial Statements, all correctly e-Filed with SARS and we were ready to get our hands dirty in helping people – at last!

Truly, I thank God for Charmaine.

Graham Ries – Principle Trustee – The Paul Project. 

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