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Hi. My name is Graham Ries and as you read through the information on this page you will soon realise that I do not walk the way the world walks. Jesus Christ is my focal point, not worldly belongings and material possessions. I worship my Saviour at WayPoint Community Church in Londt Park, Port Elizabeth, with many like minded believers. In fact it was at this church that for the first time in my life I met a whole bunch of truly genuine people, believers who walk the walk rather than just talk the talk. Some of you reading this know me – a lot of you don’t. Let me tell you just a little about myself, and why I have put my photo on the footer below. It is not for any glory for all glory goes to God for everything we do. It is not for personal gain or for personal riches 

or any of that stuff – for two reasons. The first is that Jesus told us many times that we not to do that (Matthew 6:1 & 5:15-16 and others), that we are not to seek personal aggrandizement, or personal reputation from the things we did for Him, but rather to let our relationships with Him [our ‘light’] shine before men and the second is that I’m just not interested in that approach to life at all. Those of you who do know me know that the more I am in the background, and the less I am seen the better as far as I am concerned.

For a long time now, ever since I began getting really serious about my walk with LORD Jesus, hanging onto the tail of His garment and going along for the ride, He has had me thinking about the highly visual lack 

of cooperation between members of the body in the body.

Sometimes, even just the way Christians speak to each other, never mind the things they do to each other,  makes me wonder which Jesus they serve, because they certainly don’t seem to worship the same LORD Jesus as I do.

I go into shopping malls and restaurants and busy supermarkets and I look for believers willing to make a stand for the God they say they believe in, but alas I find none. And yet members of other faiths have no problem standing up for what they believe in. Why is that I wonder?


I start up conversations with staff in shops and in malls, with people anywhere, wanting to meet, desperately seeking any that will converse with me about our All Loving God and Master, but alas, I find very few. It would be truer to say I find almost none. In fact, what I do find is quite the opposite – people look at me as though I am recently released from a mental institution and make hasty getaways, or I get the ever quoted, “my faith is a private matter” story… Or as one woman in a huge food concern told me once, “I know what I believe in and it has nothing to do with you!” 

(I can’t remember if she said ‘who’ or ‘what’). Either way it made no difference, because she hadn’t a clue who Jesus was… other than what man’s traditions had taught her.

I know there will be a great deal of you reading these words and nodding to yourselves and saying, “It’s true…it’s true what he says!” But then you’ll pack up what you are doing, put Jesus back into the box you brought Him out of for just a moment, and get on with the rest of your day.

And that’s how people are today in the rat race that our 21st Century world has become.

The other day I was designing something for someone and searching the Internet I came across these two utterly astonishing animations from animation genius Steve Cutts…

Please watch them with an open mind.

Incredible are they not?

Did you feel that they were about you personally? I did…I felt like it was my life on the screen…

Can I ask you please to visit Steve’s website and look at his other work? Some of it is a bit dark, but he has a truly wonderful way of cutting through all the clamour and claptrap of everyday life and getting right to the point – as well evidenced in the two animations you have just watched.

Steve, when you find these animations of yours here, please accept the congratulations of everyone connected to or with this website…

Just a word to the wise… If you are really interested in supporting the Paul Project, or if you feel LORD Jesus telling you that you should join with me in my quest to unite the congregations of the City, then you will want to read everything on this page… slowly and with genuine heart/spirit interest.

Don’t try to read it all in one sitting, there is an awful lot here to read. Come back to it every so often and read a little more each time. The information on this page will show you what makes me tick… It will tell you everything you need to know about me. If there is something you’d like to know about me that isn’t here, you are free to contact me any time you like…


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