Working with Spirit Filled, Servant-Hearted Believers to Reach Out To Poor & Broken, Destitute People of the city of Port Elizabeth


Have you ever been truly without hope? I mean have you ever simply sat down and wanted to just give up?  To stop feeling? To stop caring? Perhaps even to stop engaging with people altogether…?

Have you ever been in a situation where you are so tired of looking for work that you really just don’t care anymore? You don’t care because you are tired of seeing right in front of your face that no one cares for you – companies that  interview you for jobs they know they’ll never give you but need to prove that they have at least interviewed people from the outside before they promote the person on the inside that they were going to promote all the time – and in fact all they do is just add to your feelings of absolute and utter worthlessness…

Have you ever gone to bed hungry?

Praise God I haven’t either – but many times I have experienced the worry of wondering where my next meal is coming from. As for the hope story, yes I have been there many times myself. Many times I have also seen how just a simple meal and/or a simple act of kindness can change a person’s entire life, but the most important to me was when it happened in my own life…

One hundred religious persons knit into unity by careful organization do not constitute a unified church any more than eleven dead men make a football team. The first requisite is life, always.
A.W. Tozer

Whatever disunites man from God, also disunites man from man.
Edmund Burke


In 2008, 2013 and 2014, several broken and destitute people were given the hope that only a hot meal and a gift, that only the royal treatment of Jesus Christ, could give. Various churches working together on an outreaching initiative known as The Matthew Lunch showed their love for Jesus by reaching out to the broken and destitute of the city and granting them a day of royal treatment. In this way the churches were saying to the people they reached that not only did they see the people, they recognised the people as valuable members of society who each had their own value, but had simply lost their way for a bit, in some cases maybe a generation or two.

I wonder, audaciously, if the congregations of 100 churches in the City of Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, could hold hands and together, side by side reach out of just 100 broken and destitute people each? 

In other words, would it be at all possible for believers in Jesus Christ in the City of Port Elizabeth to find unity in and among themselves and work together to reach out as one body, in Christ, to the poor and broken people of the city and say, “We see you! We love you! Let us help you!” by together hosting a single lunch for approximately 10,000?

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.”
Leo Buscaglia

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’.”
Erma Bombeck


I know personally what it is like to walk the streets of more than one city looking for work. In my lifetime I have walked the streets of a city looking for work to the point of wearing the soles of my shoes right through and actually walking on socked feet, but keeping the pretense that my shoes are perfect. Old, but in perfect condition. I have stood on the street corners selling sandwiches that I have made at home. My ex-wife from my first marriage had to borrow money from her employers on more than one occasion so that we could buy food. So I know only too well what it is like to be the ‘breadwinner’, but unable through no apparent fault of your own to ‘win’ any ‘bread’, or to bring home any bacon…

Feel free to send me your CV if you are looking for work and I will place it here for circulation and hopeful download among my subscribers…

There is no charge for this on either side.

If you are an employer and you find someone here who you can help, and who in turn can help you, may Precious Father God bless you both as you do.

But even with the inspiration of others, it’s understandable that we sometimes think the world’s problems are so big that we can do little to help. On our own, we cannot end wars or wipe out injustice, but the cumulative impact of thousands of small acts of kindness can be bigger than we imagine.
Queen Elizabeth II, Christmas Message 2016 

“Somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than doing something for others.” 
Martin Luther King Jr.

​God loves with a great love the man whose heart is bursting with a passion for the impossible

General William Booth - Founder of The Salvation Army


Where the drug problem no longer exists, where crime is at an all time low, where women are safe and rape is a thing of the past…

Where the employment figures are at an all time national low, and there are no fatherless children… As believers in Yeshua, it is well within our grasp.

Imagine a city where marriage is sacred and there are hardly ever any children born out of wedlock, where people actually know who their neighbours are and often go to church together…

A city where people are true to each other because they are true to Christ, Who died that this might be so.

It is NOT beyond the realms of impossibility – for those who can believe the miracle of Christ and reach for the impossible!

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