One Man, One Bike, 
One Desert…

YIORGOS POLONYFIS, a 21 year old motor bike enthusiast, leaves on Thursday 24th September 2015 to ride up the Etosha Pan in the north of Namibia, on a journey of personal healing and self-discovery.

Who is Yiorgos Polonyfis?

Yiorgos, which means George in Greek but, by his own admission he doesn’t speak Greek and will not answer anyone who calls him George. He prefers to be called Yiorgos. Now with that out of the way, let me tell you who is he is.

Yiorgos was born to Theresa and Elefterios Polonyfis in 1993. He is a Port Elizabeth lad and went to various schools in Port Elizabeth and grew up there most of his life. For the moment he is into facilitating school camps as he loves youth. Having had experience in the darker side of life by nearly having become a Satanist himself, Yiorgos found himself pulled out of extreme danger in the nick of time by the power of Jesus. He has seen enough evil to last him a life time, and he sees how this scourge is affecting today’s youth in society – which supports his decision in working with our youth of today.

Ideally Yiorgos would like to do something with his life that truly matters and makes a difference for mankind. He has a deep love and passion for wildlife and the outdoors, and goes hiking and camping, 4X4’ing and biking in the mountains at every opportunity he gets. He loves nothing more than having a wash in a fresh mountain stream where the water is like ice.

“Absolutely nothing on God’s green earth can possibly wake you up as fast as a dip in ice cold water at or before dawn, on an empty stomach even before coffee” he says with a chuckle, adding “you really need to start that fire before stage 2 hypothermia sets in”.

Yiorgos came to Christ in 2013 through a self-proclaimed apostle dedicated to spiritual warfare. The two have since parted and Yiorgos is now dealing with the fallout of what was in fact his foundation in Christ having gone sour and proved itself to be false. He says he feels as though the carpet was pulled out from under his feet, landing him right on his backside (feet kicking in the air) due to the fact that the ministry began to display cult-like behaviour and in effect kicked him and his mother out.

His conviction in Jesus Christ remains firm.

At the same time the ministry that Yiorgos had now become a part of fell apart, Yiorgos’ dad and his grandfather (“who was actually my dad” he says) both passed away just six weeks apart. With his dad’s passing Yiorgos came into some money and decided that he would buy BMW F800GS  motorbike and do a solo journey up to Namibia, in fact as far as the Etosha Pan, to deal with his losses and rekindle his bruised relationship with Jesus.

“As we were discussing his journey some weeks back, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me that He wanted a huge amount of good to come from Yiorgos’ pain” says Graham Ries. “And the idea of one-man, one-bike, one-continent came to me” he adds.

The concept of one-bike, one-man, one-continent is that Yiorgos, being the believing disciple that he is, and journeys “into the interior” – like Paul – and ministers to whoever the LORD brings across his path. There are so many TV shows (both on TV and on the Internet) of people going here and there, traversing the earth as the prophet Daniel said, that are really in it for themselves. An American tour operator by the name of Rick Steves said that each Christian, each believer, who travels to a foreign land should see himself or herself as an ambassador for Christ, encouraging foreign travel and the obvious opportunity to be witnesses for the gospel.

Yiorgos has decided that on this pilot journey to Namibia that he would like to be that Ambassador for Christ and will do what he can, with what he has, to help whoever he can, in the Name above all names, the Name of Jesus Christ. What comes from that? “Well we’ll just have to see what the LORD does” he adds with a smile and a twinkle in his eye.

Yiorgos will be at the Etosha Game Reserve by the end of next month, returning in 2 or 3 months’ time.

It would be an incredible adventure both for him and for the world if Yiorgos could find sponsorship that would enable him to ride as a man alone right around the entire perimeter of the African continent, with a camera crew and back-up support spreading the Word as he went, showing goodwill to all men.

As a personal note Yiorgos adds:

Beware of ministries that want to control you and infringe on your personal life.

We are not called to forcibly coerce people into turning to Christ, we are called to ‘live’ Christ so that others may in turn to drawn to him. This is how they will know that we are in fact His disciples, by the love we show, not by the clever words and convincing acts. It was Agatha Christie who said that they did it with mirrors, not Jesus Christ.

If anyone knows of any work opportunities in Namibia – perhaps as a learner game ranger, or anything involving the great outdoors, please feel free to e-mail Yiorgos at yiorgos.p@hotmail.com.

“Cash donations are always welcome” he adds with a smile as he ducks out the door to get ready for his morning departure.


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MONDAY 28th September 2015

Im in Upington. Bike had electrical probs yesterday so i didnt cross the border. Came back and camped here. Gonna get bike at 11. Battery pole was loose. Can u believe it. Going to leave in the morning early 4 Ais-Ais.